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Honoring New Moms

Jennifer Garner with baby Seraphina at the market
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Moms and their Babies Norwalk Connecticut
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Nothing can describe the experience of bonding with your newborn baby. But to be able to share the experience with others makes it even more meaningful, according to a group of mothers who had their babies at the Norwalk Hospital Childbirth Center, Norwalk Connecticut.

Norwalk Hospital offers this opportunity through the "Fourth Trimester Program." This program helps new mothers bond with other new moms and has been so successful in accomplishing this that many of the mothers continue to meet even when they complete the program offered by Norwalk Hospital.

The program is offered to all new mothers with babies up to three months of age.

Both Birthright and Blessed Margaret Home Offer Free
NonJudgemental Help to New Moms throughout
their pregnancy including shelter. Just click the pictures
to get help.


by Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato
There is plenty of free help for new moms - click this picture for free help from Birthright
Blessed Margaret Home For Crisis Pregnancies
Its Free: Just Click The Porch to Go to Their Website
New Moms can fulfill their full potential too
click this photo for free help from The Nurturing Network
Hilary Duff and son Luca
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“I have never known a pregnant girl who wanted to have an abortion.”

Denise F. Cocciolone, Founder, The National Life Center, Woodbury, NJ

Just click the site below for free help from the National Life Center


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