Raymond V. Hennessy Knights of Columbus Council #6145

Basketball Free Throw 2012

The Knights of Columbus held its annual Basketball Free Throw Contest for all kids ages 10 through 14 on Martin Luther King Day. These are the winners of the Free Throw sponsored by the Raymond V. Hennessy Council at the Northampton Recreation Center in Richboro. Twenty-eight age eligible kids participated this year. The competition was close and lively.

These winners went on to represent the Hennessy Council at the District level of the State Championships on February 19th, 2012.  The District 12 Level Competition comprised participants from five Knights of Columbus Councils.  Xavier, Destiny, and Jack went on to win Olympic Quality Medals and advanced to compete in the Regional Level Competiton on February 25th, 2012.

Jack Rebholz, age 10, scored 22 baskets and won the Regional Trophy on behalf of the Hennessy Council (#6145)!

The Regional Trophy won by Jack Rebholz on February 25, 2012

2012 Trophy Winners
Photo by John Laub

With PGK Jim Donahue and GK Ron DeLuca are the winners of the Council Level Free Throw Championship for year 2012 :

Jack Rebholtz, Tara McGuigan, Sean Kearney, Molly Fleming, Tommy Kelly, Destiny Pastore, Michael Walley, and Xavier Lezynski.

Xavier, Destiny and Jack went on to win Olympic Quality Medals in the District 12 Free Throw Competition held on February 19, 2012!

Jack went on to win the Regional Trophy on February 25, 2012!

2012 Basketball Free Throw Participants
Photo by John Laub

With Free Throw Chairman PGK Jim Donahue (left) and GK Ron DeLuca (right) are this years’ Free Throw Championship Participants who participated at the Council Level Competition on Martin Luther King Day at the Northampton Township Recreation Center. Their names are:

Xavier Lezynski, Vincent Arnetta, Michael Walley, Nicholas Arnetta, Joseph Woolerton, Dhruv Grohel, Sean Volz, Jacob Jones, Tommy Kelly, Patrick McCauley, Shaun Kelly, Matthew Kraus, Brayden Ricciardi, William Abbamont, Sean Kearney, Joshua Jones, Bradley Gorman, Mark Seibert, Jack Rebholtz, Ryan Woolerton, Tara McGuigan, Amanda McKenney, Jacqueline Arnetta, Sarah McGee, Molly Fleming, Destiny Pastore