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Knighthood Degrees


Knighthood Degrees


 First, Second And Third Degree Knights
KofC3men.jpgKofC3men.jpgOnce a candidate completes the First Degree ceremony on the lesson of charity, he is considered a Knight of Columbus and can participate in all council activities. First Degree members are encouraged to attain the Second and Third Degrees, which teach the lessons of unity and fraternity. Upon taking the Third Degree, a member receives full honors of Knighthood and is "Knighted."KofC3men.jpg

Special Needs Giving is a Priority
Knights Ron DeLuca, Patrick Laub and John Laub with Nurse Diane Mullin donating to a family


Fourth Degree Knights
On February 22, 1900, the first Fourth Degree exemplification or degree ceremony was held in New York City. The Fourth Degree imparts a lesson on the virtue of patriotism. The primary purpose of this degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism in members and the community at large and encourage active Catholic citizenship. Today there are some 300,000 Fourth Degree Knights out of the total 1.8 million member Knights of Columbus. 15,000 are available to march as Honor Guards on a world-wide basis.


Local units, called assemblies, draw their members from Knights of Columbus councils. The qualifications for membership in the Fourth Degree are: membership in the Knights for at least one half year and being a Third Degree Knight.

4th Degree Knights attending closing of 40 Hours
with Jack Lee, Rhett Ragsdale and Charles Falkkevitz
Photo by Joy Lee


A Fourth Degree Knight may become part of the assembly's color corps. These members are recognized widely by their distinctive attire of tuxedo, feathered hat (chapeau), cape and sword. These members regularly take part in civic events such as parades and wreath-laying ceremonies, and at ecclesial functions at Catholic churches. The various colored capes and chapeau feathers denote different officer positions within the Fourth Degree.

Sir Knight in Full Regalia
Courtesy of the KofC Fourth Degree Manual

                  FOURTH DEGREE ON THE MARCH

Archbishop Wood Assembly Color Guard
Fourth Degree Knights in Veterans Parade

                FOURTH DEGREE CLASS OF 2011

Far left Ed Farling, David Sprague & Scott Poroski
Photo by PGK Joseph Colacicco

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